Dr. Warshowsky Interview

Learn about healing a fibroid naturally by Dr. Warshowsky a maverick in the field of integrative, holistic medicine. Although conventionally trained, he is a leader in the field of integrative, holistic medicine, treating men, women, and teens. In practice for over 35 years, Dr. Warshowsky’s practice combines the best of conventional medicine with the latest in integrative holistic modalities.

Dr. Claudia Welch Interview

Curious about balancing your hormones and balancing your life? In this interview listen as Dr. Claudia Welch, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, shares her knowledgeable account of this subject. She lectures internationally on Oriental and Āyurvedic medicine, exploring how ideas in Eastern medicine apply to Women’s Health, and today’s reality in general.

Dr. King Interview

Do you want to be healthy and don’t know where to start? Dr. King, internationally recognized wellness expert, shares her story and knowledge of her personal journey using holistic treatments to achieve a drug-free, joyful and healthy life. Enjoy her teachings about the benefits of whole-istic, healthy living in a way that is easy to comprehend and makes sense even to the doubtful.

Dan Millman Interview

Enrich your life with Dan Millman’s guidance and join him on his journey of the peaceful warrior. Learn how it can change your life….He has influenced people from all walks of life, including leaders in the fields of health, psychology, education, business, politics, sports and entertainment. His work continues to evolve over time to meet the needs of an ever changing world.

Emilie Wapnick Interview

What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, if you’re not sure you want to do just one thing for the rest of your life, you’re not alone. In this interview… writer, artist, career and life coach, Emilie Wapnick describes the kind of people she calls “multipotentialites” — who have a wide and varied range of interests, jobs and many interlocking potentials over one lifetime. Are you one?

Dr. Brogan Interview

More than 30 million of us take antidepressants, including one in seven women. Millions more—maybe you—are tempted to try them to end chronic, unyielding distress, irritability, and feeling emotionally flat—It is time to let go of this false narrative and take a fresh look at where science is leading us. Dr Kelly Brogan is a Manhattan-based holistic women’s health psychiatrist.

Dr. Dietert Interview

Dr. Dietert, is interviewed by Ellie Drake on his career of environmental research for providing a lifetime of good health. He’s turned his wide-ranging expertise toward reducing the environmental health risks of children and protecting against chronic diseases by focusing on the microbiome and the immune system. He is an internationally known author, lecturer, scientist and media personality.

Dr. Judson Brewer

Learn from Judson Brewer MD PhD, as he shares groundbreaking research on the mechanism of mindfulness practices that effectively help quell cravings for addictions, including smoking, over eating and compulsive texting. He is an associate professor in medicine and psychiatry at UMass Medical School where he is a thought leader in the ‘science of self-mastery’.

Kimi Werner Interview

Kimi Werner embodies the heart and soul of simple and sustainable living. She is renowned for her remarkable ability to hold her breath for more than four minutes while freediving. In this interview, Kimi shares valuable lessons from the ocean that can support your success. Among those lessons are learning how not to panic in the face of external variables.

Dr. Jeffrey Bland Interview

Disease Care vs Health Care – Which Would You Choose? Dr. Jeffrey Bland known as “Father of Functional Medicine,” which is a medical approach that focuses on the personalized prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, explains in this interview what it is and what it can do for you. He is an internationally recognized leader in the nutritional medicine field.

Marianne Williamson

Spiritual leader, acclaimed author and lecturer Marianne Williamson, shares in this interview, about the fundamental sources of human suffering as well as its transcendence. The journey from tears to triumph illuminates the path by which spiritual principles can support us to shift out of deep sadness and emotional pain while finding inner peace and purpose.

Dr. Borysenko Interview

In this interview with Dr. Joan Borysenko,a legend in holistic care, you’ll receive incredible knowledge on the science of the body, the soul of fulfillment and the art of healthy living. You’ll also learn how to feel juicy and creative within! She is a licensed psychologist with a doctorate in cell biology from Harvard, she synthesizes cutting edge science with deep humanity.

Dr. Natasha Interview

Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride shares her incredible insights on the importance of Gut health and its relationship to a healthy brain and psychi. As a mother of an autistic child, who is now a fully recovered adult, she boldly shares her scientific and healing views. Dr. Natasha’s thriving medical clinic is helping many who are healing their gut and therefore their lives.

Celeste Headlee Interview

Want to reignite your passion for conversation, learn how to apply it to your personal relationship and business for increased success? Celeste Headlee, a journalist with public radio since 1999 and has mastered the fundamental principles of having a ‘good’ conversation. An art that she believes we are losing through the dependency on email and text.

Dr. Seneff Interview

In this interview with Dr. Seneff, a Senior Research Scientist at MIT, speaks about the role of toxic chemicals and micronutrient deficiencies, with a special emphasis on the pervasive herbicide Glyphosate found in Monsanto’s Roundup. You’ll learn about the benefits of the mineral sulfur and how it can help remove this chemical from your body and your brain.

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Though we talk about wanting to “age gracefully,” the truth is that when it comes to getting older, we’re programmed to dread an inevitable decline in the way we live life. Christiane Northrup, M.D., shows us in this profoundly empowering interview, we have it in us to make growing older an entirely different experience, for both our bodies and our souls.

Bill Harris Interview

During this interview on super awareness, Bill Harris shares tips on how to Improve your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health, upgrade your mental abilities, and raise your stress threshold. He is the creator Holosync technology which is meant to calm the part of our brain that makes us react. Bill has shared the stage with top leaders including The Dalai Lama.

Jennifer McLean Interview

Learn how to release the negative energy surrounding trauma and hurt in a way that honors your body. Discover life-transforming concepts on compassion and healing, as Jennifer McLean, spiritual catalyst and healing facilitator, discusses trauma and emotional glitches. She describes her own past issues as well as her present journey with frustration.

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