Transition is the shift from one state into a new desired one and the path in between is often uncomfortable, says Ellie Drake. To assist you through Transition, Ellie offers the following tips:

#1: You’re most likely going to forget that you’re in Transition so be sure to have several helpful reminders around you.
#2: Perception is not reality so don’t get caught up in how things look.
#3: Progress often highlights problematic areas. Celebrate the small successes instead of focusing on the work ahead.

Here are some additional best practices to support you through Transition:

– Connection: Be sure to connect with your inner Vision.
– Camaraderie: Speak with an empowered friend and share what you’re experiencing.
– Continuity: Don’t retreat no matter what’s happening around you. Allow yourself to continue forward.

Ellie Drake is a Visionary, Doctor and Entrepreneur. Through her videos and interviews, she shares the Art and Science of Thriving Personally and Professionally. Her most recent course teaches the roadmap to becoming a Confident Communicator.

To learn more about Ellie’s Confident Communicator Course, go to The Confident Communicator


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