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Ellie Drake is a doctor, visionary and entrepreneur.

Ellie is originally Persian and immigrated to the USA at the age of 18. She completed her 12th grade in the US and went on to become a health care professional. As becoming a doctor was mostly her parents’ dream for her, she decided not to practice after graduating, although her training as a health care professional has been valuable in the research and development of her specialized knowledge as a communicator.


For the past 20 years, Ellie has been teaching and inspiring people from all around the globe. Her audiences are mostly comprised of those who are on their own path of self realization. Seasoned and budding entrepreneurs, practitioners, healers, teachers, and self development enthusiasts are attracted to Ellie and her mind expanding, heart connecting, scientific, energetic, and sometimes humorous approach to creating anew…

Ellie has had several successful businesses. Her ideas of success include the feeling of successfulness within, the confidence to communicate and express through voice, being lead by purpose, staying consistent on the path, honoring potential, increasing emotional quotient, raising vibrational and visceral magnetism, decision making based on the highest good, honoring collaboration, and creating overflowing abundance to thrive as well as creating vast prosperity to fuel global transformation.

Ellie is also the founder of BraveHeart Women Global Community where women are inspired by the art and science of ‘being, creating, and collaborating’. BraveHeartWomen.com has so far touched the hearts of more than ½ million women since it’s launch in 2009. Ellie has interviewed many thought leaders and celebrities such as Dr. Maya Angelou, Helen Hunt, Jamie Lee Curtis, Neale Donald Walsch, Kathy Ireland, Gary Zukav, Mariel Hemingway, Michael Gerber, Les Brown, Siedah Garrett, and others…

Ellie enjoys the art and privilege of motherhood. She is married to her soulmate and business partner.

“My intention with EllieDrake.com is to inspire you to shift from obsolete patterns of barely surviving to new thriving imprints that can enhance your business, your relationships, and your life as a whole. Through my exampleship and leadership, I intend to support you to rise and shine”


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