Watch Ellie Drake as she describes the journey with one’s voice as a personal and intimate one.

“Voice is a vessel of expression… a symphony of sound…a platform for inspiration & education… Each of us have it… A few of us allow and Express it…Many of us are afraid to own it… Some of us merely use it…and others misuse it…” Ellie Drake

You might ask yourself, do I go into fight, flight or freeze when faced with internal or external stressors?  If so, how can I create a way, a visual or a ritual that allows me to unlearn my vocal pattern of dis-ease? You may be suppressing your wisdom and therefore not tapping into the full expression of your voice. You may feel you’re not enough and therefore repress your voice. Or you may be oppressing others with your voice.

In the Western World, even though there is freedom of expression, yet the force of inner repression diminishes the power of many visionaries, healers, and entrepreneur voices. Freedom of speech only goes so far, if one’s emotional constitution makes for a wobbly stage within.

There may also be a link between lack of expression and the presence of low grade depression. The anti-depression medication industry capitalizes on the fact that many have not yet stretched enough to reach the depth of their despair, the heart of their joy and the crevices of their intellect and integrate it into writing, speaking, blogging, movement creating, teaching, healing and transformation facilitating…

“Are you up for the challenge to stretch yourself and express your voice?”

Ellie Drake is a Visionary, Doctor and Entrepreneur.  Through her videos and interviews, she shares the Art and Science of Thriving Personally and Professionally.  Her most recent course teaches the roadmap to becoming a Confident Communicator.  

To learn more about Ellie’s Confident Communicator Course, go to The Confident Communicator


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