If you’re inspired to be a voice of success,
then this is the perfect course to help you get there!


This course is for you:

  • If you are nervous about expressing your voice purposefully or professionally.
  • If you are or want to be a visionary, entrepreneur, teacher, healer, facilitator.
  • If you are looking to create and express content for your message or your brand.
  • If you want to discover and develop the real you at the core of your brand.
  • If you want to free yourself from the fear of being the connected, authentic and courageous you.
  • If you know you have something to say and want to communicate it more confidently.

Topics of the Confident Communicator course are:

Module 1 – Introduction

This is an overview of the course to get you connected and ready to receive. Ellie will be sharing guidance, advice and practical tips to support you on the confident communicator journey as your share your message with your audience.

Module 2 – The Purpose of Your Voice

In this session, you’ll learn how to create a three step structure of purpose for your voice.  With this formula as the bedrock of your voice, you’ll be able to allow your words to flow more freely.

Module 3 – The Real You

In this class, you’ll learn to peel back the layers that aren’t you, so you can sense more deeply into the core of who you naturally are, and allow that to be the hub of your voice and therefore your brand.

Module 4 – Your Visceral Voice

Verbal expression is both an art and a science.  During this module, you’ll learn practical tools to strengthen your ability to communicate, while learn how to infuse both feminine and masculine energies into your voice.  This will naturally raise your magnetism, and support you to viscerally connect with your audience.

Module 5 – Voice, Content & Video


Learn how to create content that expresses the truth of your voice.  The content you create must stretch you without stressing you and the process of creating video can be revitalizing if you go about it in the correct way.  This module will teach you how to do exactly that!

Module 6 – Learn how to Interview

Here you’ll learn practical tips on being a relaxed, insightful, and engaged interviewer, while learning to be a profound listener.  There are many experts out there who want to be interviewed by a good interviewer.   In this module, you’ll learn tips that support you to become confident in professional conversation.

Module 7 – Confident Body Language & Vocal Tone

Body language as well as responsive emotional energy make for a confident communicator…In this session, you’ll learn to make your body language aligned with your verbal language while channeling your voice through your mind-body bridge.

Module 8 – Professional Speaking

Your voice is infinite in its potential and it is meant to be heard effectively and productively.  As you tap into your voice’s infinite potential, you must release your fears of professional (public) speaking. In this module, you’ll learn how to communicate your voice no matter how intimate or large the audience may be.

Bonus Session – Technical how to’s:

Learn the basics of the equipment or the props you require to create video and audio content.

What am I going to receive from this course?

  • Eight very valuable sessions that you can re-listen to!
  • Develop Your Confidence as a Communicator!
  • Discover and Develop the REAL YOU!
  • Develop skills that allow you to create your own message, content, or courses…
  • Communicate your message and vision on camera.
  • Learn how to become a powerful and authentic interviewer!

Who will benefit from this course?
Anyone who wants to become a confident communicator!


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