Ellie Drake asks: Is Your Intention to Thrive?

This video offers an effective formula to utilize B4 You Thrive…

Letter B digit 4, symbolized the four essentials…. which are:

Breathe, Bounce, Best, Beauty…

Breathe: Think of your lungs as your life jacket!  Lovingly fill them up with air and float… Float when outside circumstances are causing variables & waves and breathe when your inner mindset wants to diminish & dominate you! Breathe air into your life jacket…that’s physiological empowerment.

Bounce: refers to flowing in light-weighted emotion…allow space and enjoy it getting filled with grace… bounce in buoyancy…instead of drag in density!

Best:  apply the power of your mind, your will power, the best you have to offer…bestow it upon your meaningful path, projects, and goals.

Beauty:  no matter what’s happening, have an aerial & spiritual view…and see the beauty of the challenge, as it applies to your ongoing goals, your purpose and your long term success story…

B4 You Thrive:  Breathe (Physiological Empowerment), Bounce (Emotional Lightness), Best (Mindful Willingness), Beyond (Spiritual View)…

Ellie Drake is a Visionary, Doctor and Entrepreneur. Through her videos and interviews, she shares the Art and Science of Thriving Personally and Professionally. Her most recent course teaches the roadmap to becoming a Confident Communicator.

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